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Dingaloo Studios

App and Game Development Services.

Come to us with a game or app idea, and we'll create it for you at an affordable rate! Our streamlined development process will keep you well informed on progress, with access to a thorough development plan, along with regular status updates on your project.

Our multiple methods of ordering will work with your budget to ensure steady progress on your project, without breaking the bank!


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About Us

Efficient. Secure. Reliable.

Founded by Collin Ossman, Dingaloo Studios is a software development company that aims to make games and apps for others at affordable rates.


We are driven by a passion to make great games and useful apps, and we try our best to make it show in our work!

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Our Process

Our streamlined process creates clear and precise goals for your project, and keeps you in the loop throughout the development cycle.

After we gather all of the necessary information about your project, we will create milestones for every major pillar of your concept.


Once we have a firm idea on what you want us to create for you, we will then begin discussing how you would like to approach this financially.


By default, any project that we work on for you is 100% your property. We can help you along the entire process of creating and releasing the game.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the mobile, PC and console markets with new, fun and interesting games and useful applications to better the lives of those who use them.


To provide even a small amount of enjoyment or use from one of our products always brings us much joy and excitement, and we use that thought to propel us through development to make amazing software for all who need it!

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Our clients are our priority and here is some feedback for our products & services.

Awesome work! Created my game from absolutely nothing to getting it added to both the App Store and Play Store. Very happy with this delivery!

- Randy Knox,
Puzzle of Time


This isn't my first time with Dingaloo. His professionalism and attention to detail keep me coming back. Straight to the point and accommodating of all different needs.

- infamousnerd,
Toast Rush


Great developer, great at catching your vision and delivering what you imagined. Have worked with for many years now I would not put my trust or projects in anyone else’s hands other than his. 10/10

- Jack Clark,


Affordable Development Services

While software development is by no means cheap, we do our best to be competitive with our pricing and time-frames compared to other experienced teams on the market.


When the price cannot be lowered, sometimes we may be interested in discounting our fees for revenue share, or stretching payments out over a longer period of time.


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