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Project Showcase

Puzzle of Time

Dive into an enchanting realm of strategy and mystique with 'Puzzle of Time’. Unleash the power of match 3 puzzles in a land where a young hero's destiny awaits.


Journey to the castle, unlock your true potential, and gather a diverse cast of 98 characters, each wielding unique gem-matching powers. As gem colors align, so do the fates of your allies – level up, strategize, and conquer over 100 levels in this gripping match 3 RPG adventure.

Created from the ground-up by Dingaloo Studios and Knox Digital, Puzzle of Time is a match3 game featured on the Google Play and iOS stores.


Publisher - KnoxDigital

Project Manager - Collin Ossman

Project Manager - Gage Ferland

Lead Developer - Ivaylo Mihaylov

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