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Our Process

Our streamlined process creates clear and precise goals for your project, and keeps you in the loop throughout the development cycle.

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Building Milestones

After we gather all of the necessary information about your project, we will create milestones for every major pillar of your concept.


These milestones allow us to take the idea as a whole, and break it down into individual bite-sized orders. They will detail a comprehensive summary of all features to be added to your game, along with an unchanging price for all milestones throughout your project.

Project Planning costs $100 for a project under $3,000 in value, $220 for a project between $3000 and $7500 in value, and $500 for a project between $7500 and $20,000 in value. Higher valued projects are taken on a case by case basis.


Financial Approaches

We offer milestone based payments, or our hourly rate. Generally, we recommend doing milestone based payments, so that you get exactly what you pay for - however, in some cases, the work product is experimental or unpredictable and requires an hourly rate.

Contact us to see what fits your project best.

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Project Ownership

By default, any project that we work on for you is 100% your property, unless we specifically sign a revenue share or other extra agreements.


We can help you along the entire process of creating and releasing the game, but ultimately, you owe us nothing other than our initial fees.


All royalties, and anything you do with the game, is entirely up to you.

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